Flue Lining Warranty

Flue Lining Warranty:

Under normal circumstances and provided it has been correctly installed the chimney liner should last for the lifetime of the appliance (normally 10 years). Flexible liners carry a 10 year conditional warranty from the date of installation and are subject to the following conditions being met.

(1)    The liner is correctly sized and installed in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation instructions, current Building Regulations and relevant British and European Standards.

(2)    The appliance has been approved and has been installed and has been operated in accordance with the manufacturers’ installation instructions.

(3)    The liner has been swept regularly and maintained correctly by a competent and qualified person and sweeping & maintenance records kept for both appliance and chimney system.

(4)    Only approved fuels recommended by the appliance manufacturer have been used.

(5)    The chimney or liner has not suffered mechanical damage.

(6)    The chimney or liner has not suffered from a chimney fire.

(7)    The chimney is inspected regularly and is free from damp penetration.

(8)    No chemical cleaning agents have been used in the flue system.

(9)    Chimney terminals are not included in the product warranty.

In the event of a fault developing in the product due to defective materials or faulty manufacture, the warranty is to replace the product only. Replacement will be on a pro rata basis, relating to the age of the product.

We cannot accept liability nor take any responsibility for the installation, building or redecorating costs or any other consequential losses arising.

If any complaint is found to be as a result of non-compliance with or abuse contrary to these conditions, the cost of site investigation is chargeable.

This warranty is not transferable and is extended only to, and solely for, the benefit of the original purchaser. Please retain your dated sales receipt as a proof of purchase.

Stove Warranty

Please refer to manufacturers' individual installation instructions and warranties supplied with the appliance. These will differ from manufacturer to manufacturer and purchasers are advised to check they comply with their own individual requirements prior to purchase.

Price Match Guarantee

We guarantee to Price Match any of our local competitors on a like for like basis for the supply and installation of a complete fireplace system, including fireplace, appliance and flue lining system.

We will also attempt to Price Match any individual items, but due to the online pricing strategies of some internet trading companies this may not always be achievable.